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Students usually write dissertations at the universities. It is very important to know how to write dissertation. That is why you should know dissertation structure. Find some interesting dissertation topic due to which you can demonstrate your knowledge. Consult your advisor about your research paper topic . He may tell you to narrow the topic or, on the contrary, extend it.

Before writing a dissertation, make an outline. Outline is the plan for your thoughts and ideas. Remember that dissertation structure includes following constituents: the cover page, the table of content, the introduction, the main body with few paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, the conclusion and the bibliography.

In the introduction, you should give a brief overview of the dissertation. First of all, you may introduce the topic of your research. Then outline the main aims and goals of your dissertation. Here you may also give some background information about the subject and its studies. But do not go into details as the main portion of information should be given in the main body. Your introduction should not be lengthy. It should be nearly ten percent of the whole research paper .

After the introduction, goes the main body that includes three paragraphs. The first paragraph is usually literature review. Here you should review all the information that is relevant to the topic: compare and contrast different points of view and theories made by other scientists. You may support different statements by citations. The last sentence should be a transition to the next paragraph.

The next paragraph of the main body will be research methodology. In this chapter, you should conduct your own research and give your own examples. If the first paragraph was theoretical then this paragraph will be practical. In the last paragraph, you should define your analysis and findings. This chapter is the most lengthy. If previous two chapters took forty percent of the whole dissertation (hence, twenty percent each paragraph) then the last chapter takes thirty percent. In this paragraph, you should analyze and discuss your findings. The last sentence of this chapter should be a brief summary of the whole research.

More detailed summary you should give in the conclusions. Make sure that you gave answers to all the questions that were raised in the literature review chapter. You may also give some useful recommendations to the further investigations of your theme. If you used citations in your dissertation then you should make a list of bibliography.

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