How It Works

Set up your new security system in minutes. Follow the installation instructions in the app and your system is ready to go. If you receive a "Motion Detected" alert with suspicious activity, send the video to a professional monitoring center for police response with a tap of the Dispatch button.


Create Your Own System

DragonFly Security System™ Hub kits are available with Indoor MotionViewer® Cameras, Outdoor MotionViewer® Cameras, or both. Add additional MotionViewer Cameras (Hubs support up to 25) to your Hub kit to secure all the areas and assets you need. All Hub kits come standard with an Ethernet connection for simple setup with your home router. Upgrade your Hub to cellular backup for more flexibility and service backup in case of outages.


Easy Self-Installation

Set up your Hub and MotionViewer Cameras with easy-to-follow instructions through the app. Use the app to determine optimum Hub location in your home, office, cabin, or dorm room. Mount your MotionViewer Cameras around your home, inside or out.


You're in Control

Use the DragonFly Security System app to request snapshots from your MotionViewer Cameras. Arm and disarm your system, add users, and invite followers to create a virtual neighborhood security network and help to increase community awareness of outdoor events. The DragonFly Security System app gives you control over your notification settings and MotionViewer Camera detection sensitivity. Access and manage your account through the desktop app if you don’t have access to your phone.


Dispatch to Professional Monitoring

Select the plan you need. If a video alert shows a real threat, simply tap the Dispatch button on your app to send the video to the professional monitoring station for dispatch to the police/first responders. Video-verified threats can result in quicker response times and more arrests. Choose the Premium monitoring plan and the DragonFly Security System sends video-verified alarms directly to the monitoring station for automatic action when you are unavailable.


Create a Virtual Neighborhood for More Protection

Add your family, trusted neighbors and friends to your system as users or followers to receive video alerts and help keep your home protected. Followers only receive videos of Outdoor MotionViewer Cameras. Give users customized permissions to arm/disarm, request pictures, and respond to "Motion Detected" alerts based on your preferences.