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If my Wi-Fi network goes down will my system still work?

The Hub depends on a connection to the Internet to work properly and provide notifications. If the Wi-Fi network is down, the Hub will only continue to operate normally if it includes configuration for cellular service. If your Wi-Fi network goes down, you may connect your Hub to the Internet with Ethernet. All Hubs have a built-in Ethernet port.

Which Internet connection option is right for me?

All Hubs come with integrated Ethernet, which is sufficient for many users, but requires that the Hub be placed near an Ethernet jack. Wi-Fi is recommended when you would like to place the Hub in a location where it is not possible or practical to connect an Ethernet cable. Adding cellular communications (3G) ensures that the Hub will continue to operate during Wi-Fi or Internet outages, and additionally for up to 12 hours during a power failure.

What kind of batteries does the system use?

The Hub uses a rechargeable lithium battery. MotionViewer Cameras require the use of SAFT brand batteries, model LS14500.

Where can I purchase replacement batteries?

You can find replacement batteries for the Outdoor MotionViewer Camera and Indoor MotionViewer Camera under Accessories.

At what temperatures do the Outdoor MotionViewer Cameras work?

Outdoor MotionViewer Cameras can operate at temperatures between -20º F to 140º F. The system may not operate if the temperatures exceed these limitations.

How does the motion detector in the MotionViewer Camera work?

The detector is a passive infrared sensor that detects the heat of a human moving against a stable background. Variables that impact detection include the heat, size and distance of the source of heat (adult, child, pet, etc.).

What is the range of a MotionViewer Camera?

The MotionViewer Camera detects up to 40 feet depending on the size, proximity and movement of the object. Conduct a walk test (included in the app) to verify detection capabilities.

Can I restore the factory settings of my system?

The ‘Delete Hub’ option in the app’s Hub Settings will delete all MotionViewer Cameras and any information associated with the Hub and will restore the Hub to factory settings. The 'Delete Hub' option will MAKE THE SYSTEM NON-FUNCTIONAL until the user uses the app to re-install the system and re-subscribe to a monitoring plan.

Which devices and how many are compatible with my Hub?

Your Hub is compatible with up to 25 Indoor or Outdoor MotionViewer Cameras in any combination.

What is a range test for MotionViewer Cameras?

The MotionViewer Camera range test on the smartphone app measures the strength of the radio signal between the Camera and the Hub and allows the user to optimize Camera placement for maximum radio range relative to walls, appliances and other obstacles between the Cameras and the Hub.

What is a walk test for MotionViewer Cameras?

The MotionViewer Camera walk test included in the app and allows the user to optimize performance of the PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor in the MotionViewer Camera by increasing or decreasing the sensitivity of the PIR sensor and to verify detection in the covered area.

Do I need a smartphone and the app to use the system?

A smartphone and the app are required to setup the Hub and MotionViewer® Cameras. The app is also required for notifications.

What if my I lose my smartphone or my smartphone battery dies?

The Hub and MotionViewer® Cameras can be armed and disarmed by logging in and accessing your system directly through the internet.

Can I know who is arming and disarming the system?

The event log shows which user armed or disarmed the Hub.

What if my pet keeps setting off false alarms?

First try to change the sensitivity settings for the MotionViewer Camera. You can access these settings by clicking on your MotionViewer Camera’s name on the “Devices” screen. If this doesn’t work, consider mounting the MotionViewer Camera in a different location.

What does the message “Device Inactive” mean?

When a device has been triggered more than 2 times in 5 minutes, the device will shut down for 2 hours or until the Hub has been disarmed and rearmed. This feature reduces nuisance alarms and conserves battery power. Disarm your Hub by pressing the disarm button on the dashboard of the smartphone app. Arm your Hub by pressing the Arm button on the dashboard of the smartphone app.

What does the Always Armed setting allow me to do?

The 'Always Armed' setting will keep a MotionViewer Camera armed regardless of the arming state of the indoor or outdoor zone. When this setting is enabled on a MotionViewer Camera, automatic dispatch is disabled for only that device (if Premium subscribed).

What is a follower?

A follower is someone who will be notified when an alarm occurs on the outdoor zone of your system. A follower can also dispatch the alarm to the monitoring center on your behalf. The superuser invites followers by sending an invitation by email from the smartphone app.

Can system followers see into my home?

Followers can only see alarms that occur on the outdoor zone of the system. Followers are unable to look in on any device in the system. The superuser can delete any follower at their convenience.

How will I be notified of an alarm?

Alarm notification comes in the form of a push notification within the app, which means that if a MotionViewer® Camera senses an event it will send an alert to the User’s smartphone and give them the opportunity to respond by dispatching or ignoring the alert. If you dispatch, the alarm goes to your professional monitoring station which then alerts the authorities. If you’ve purchased the Premium Monitoring Plan and there is an alarm from the Indoor MotionViewer Camera of your system, then that alert would be automatically dispatched to the monitoring center, and the monitoring center may also notify you with a telephone call.

How long do I have to disarm my system if an alarm is triggered?

You have a preset period of time which is determined by you and this option is configurable by a superuser in the Hub settings menu.

What does “auto-dispatch” mean?

Auto-Dispatch is a feature available for the indoor zone with the Premium Monitoring Plan. This feature allows for the alarm and video signal to go the monitoring center automatically, without having to push the dispatch button in the app. This feature is useful when away on vacation, or during other times when you may not have access to your smartphone to view the alarm.

What happens after an alarm is dispatched?

When an alarm is dispatched, a signal is sent to a professional monitoring center with the video that was displayed on your smartphone. The monitoring center will contact the police to request response to the verified alarm at the address supplied during Hub setup and in Hub settings.

How will the monitoring station know where to dispatch police?

The monitoring station will send the police to the address configured when you set up your Hub, which is located in the Hub settings. It is important to keep this address correct and up to date in order to avoid dispatch to the wrong address. The 'Delete Hub' Option will reset the Hub to the factory settings and make the system non-functional until the user uses the app to re-install the system and re-subscribe to a monitoring plan.

What happens if police are dispatched, but it was a false alarm?

monitoring station dispatch can be cancelled in the app for up to 5 minutes after the dispatch occurred. If the police are dispatched to the premises and arrive at a false alarm, you may be subject to a fine from the police department. This varies by town, city and state so check with your local police department for accurate information.

How can I cancel or change my monitoring plan?

Monitoring plans can be modified from your account. Monitoring plans have no prorated billing, and the price change in rate plan will be billed on the next monthly statement along with the total monthly rate plan for the current month. Your monitoring contract is between you and your monitoring company (and not with RSI) and you should refer to it for the details of your monitoring services plan.

When and how often will I be billed for my monitoring plan?

With most plans, billing occurs once per month on the day that the subscription was activated. Please refer to your contract with your monitoring company for details of the services plan.

If I upgrade or cancel mid-month, will my fees be refunded or pro-rated?

With most plans, the service has no pro-rating for fees. Please refer to your contract with your monitoring company for details of the services plan.

What if my credit card expires?

Your monitoring contract is between you and your monitoring company. If you have a credit card expiration issue, the billing system will likely notify you of an impending card expiration and what will happen, and when, as your card expires. In most instances, if the card details were not updated and the credit card expires during an active subscription, the subscription service will terminate after the paid period has expired. If this happens, YOU WILL RECEIVE NO ALERTS AND THERE WILL BE NO DISPATCH SERVICES.

What if I have a billing dispute?

Your monitoring contract is between you and your monitoring station. Contact customer service at your monitoring station or submit a help ticket for billing disputes.

Are there additional costs for cell (3G) service?

Your monitoring contract, including cell costs, are between you and your monitoring station. Contact the customer service at your monitoring station for cost details.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

Contact customer support at:

How do I submit a return (RMA)?

Please note: to receive a refund you must submit an RMA request within 30 days of your purchase. 

What is the warranty for my system? 

The DragonFly Security System is covered by a limited warranty against material defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The DragonFly Security System app is not covered under this warranty. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.